A Saturday Emergency Call Out

//A Saturday Emergency Call Out

A Saturday Emergency Call Out

7.30am Saturday:

Call from a customer in Flempton, just outside Bury St Edmunds. The tenants in their property had a flood and were worried about electrical safety.
Met with the Landlord at the property and carried out safety checks on the electrics within the property and appliances in the kitchen where the flood had started. A report will be written for the customer for the insurance claim.


Next stop Gazeley, between Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket.
Replacing an outdated 3 Phase fuse board which is part of a full rewire on a commercial property. We arranged for the main board switch over on a weekend to help minimizes any downtime for staff during the week.


The property has suffered from decades of patched wiring and add-ons which makes it particularly difficult to identify the circuits but by 6.00 we had managed to track and replace enough of the old wiring to ensure the building had all its alarms and fire safety and lighting working. Also, the power to the boiler for the owners not to have to go without heating with a forecast of -5 tonight!

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